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The Arrogant Professor

RE: In a recent Windsor Star guest column Professor Lloyd Brown-John suggested a boycott of specific Windsor Business Improvement Associations. His reason for the punitive action being that the BIAs in question had spent some of the funds collected from BIA members to support the CAMMP sponsored LPAT appeal [Continue reading.....]

Dilkens vs BIAs

Mayor Dilkens recently conducted a presser to publicly threaten a number of local business improvement associations with legal action and possible dissolution. His reasoning being that the BIAs had violated certain municipal act regulations. The alleged violation according to Dilkens is that the BIAs had chosen to support, by way [Continue reading.....]

More of the same from Gord & Drew

RE: Gord Henderson column – Windsor Star – February 2, 2019 The recent opinion column by Gord Henderson is an unfortunate example of the divisive nature of politics in Windsor. The “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality prevails with Drew Dilkens and his base. Suggesting that some [Continue reading.....]

Collaboration time.

The comments our mayor made in the days immediately following his re-election are telling. After having been both a councillor and mayor Drew Dilkens still struggles to comprehend the job he is elected to do. His arrogance and condescension are constants.  The mayor has referred to as “nonsense” the social [Continue reading.....]

Dilkens lacks integrity.

While this seems to be the era of juvenile attack style politics the recent comments Drew Dilkens made about his opponent Matt Marchand are somewhat amusing.  The mayor while touting his own record suggested that the Marchand campaign is using “smoke and mirrors” and that the “math doesn’t add up.”  [Continue reading.....]

Priorities are badly skewed.

This mayor and council couldn’t be more short sighted.  I watched as much of the council budget session as time allowed.  I’ve followed the local media reports.  I’ve begun to dig through the documents to better understand the decisions that were made.  Yep, here comes some more naysaying my friends. [Continue reading.....]

Windsor Animal Control Issue – URGENT Please read the above and following information.  City council is about to make a decision which will have a significant impact on animal control in general and specifically feral cat colonies.  Are feral cats in your neighbourhood now?  It could get much worse and very quickly if council bungles [Continue reading.....]
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