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Email to the mayor and councillors

I’m beyond frustrated and angry with our municipal leadership.  Just sent this email to the mayor and every councillor. To the Mayor and City Councillors of Windsor ON, Subject: Wisdom, compassion, democracy, vision and fairness The subject line of this email describes a number of things many of us in this [Continue reading.....]

F.I.N.A. Questions – if only we had an auditor general eh? To Mayor Dilkens & City Council, With regard the recent F.I.N.A. swimming event I would ask why inquiries into hotel room expenses were first refused by the city?  Why the knee jerk reaction to force an absolutely unnecessary FOI request?  Why is F.I.N.A. now interfering with this simple request [Continue reading.....]

As if to prove the point……..another letter to the editor from Councillor Payne

Reader Letter: This is what democracy looks like – Follow this link to read Councillor Payne’s recent letter to the editor. Councillor Payne’s comments are interesting to say the least.  As to keeping tax increases at zero, this was done by the cutting of services, outsourcing of good paying jobs, increasing [Continue reading.....]

Welcome to

Naysayer [ney-sey-er] “one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something” “a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views” Municipal politics in Windsor ON Canada unfortunately involves name calling, bully tactics and generally divisive leadership not all that uncommon in politics in general.  That being said, the [Continue reading.....]
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