Collaboration time.

The comments our mayor made in the days immediately following his re-election are telling. After having been both a councillor and mayor Drew Dilkens still struggles to comprehend the job he is elected to do. His arrogance and condescension are constants.  The mayor has referred to as “nonsense” the social media hashtag #6to4nomore used by his opposition during the recent election campaign. Past council voting records easily prove the appearance of a mayoral voting block was anything but “nonsense.”

Dilkens has also said that council candidates should not run simply to “vote against” the mayor. Our mayor seemingly lacks understanding that councillors are elected to represent constituent concerns first and foremost.  They are not elected to blindly support the agenda of the mayor. The mayor is elected to collaborate with council and work for the greater good of the community. The mayor is not elected to dictate the terms required to fulfill any personal political agenda.

Dilkens who once told opposing councillors to quit “whining” and to “get on the train” is now suggesting the new councillors should be willing to collaborate with him. Being a bully has been an integral element of the Dilkens mayoral toolbox. His spin on an auditor general office continues to be flagrantly disingenuous despite the recent theatrical election debate display. The attitude that he is the smartest in the room regardless of who is in the room has cost this city dearly.

His re-election notwithstanding, Windsor voters have sent Dilkens an unmistakable message that the status quo is unacceptable. Given the low voter turnout he cannot claim an overwhelming mandate. It is time that Windsor politics included true collaboration and constituent engagement. We need to work on improving this community to the benefit of all those who live here regardless of political differences.



About Tim Stewart
Born in Windsor-Essex in 1961. I have lived most of my life in Windsor ON except for brief stays in Lasalle, Paquette Corners and Harrow. Currently residing in Walkerville with my wife Susan Christian.

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