Dilkens lacks integrity.

While this seems to be the era of juvenile attack style politics the recent comments Drew Dilkens made about his opponent Matt Marchand are somewhat amusing.  The mayor while touting his own record suggested that the Marchand campaign is using “smoke and mirrors” and that the “math doesn’t add up.”  Dilkens goes on to say that record amounts have been spent on infrastructure during his tenure as mayor and councillor.

It seems ironic that Mr. Dilkens is the person who presented us with the white elephant that is the aquatics centre, currently losing in the vicinity of three million dollars annually.  Mr. Dilkens attacks the integrity of Mr. Marchand but seems to forget that we were promised very different numbers and scenarios for the WIATC.  The same type of erroneous projections were also made for the WFCU.  It would seem Mr. Dilkens should not be the one to critique the mathematical skills of his opposition when his the numbers during his tenure as councillor then mayor have been so terribly skewed.

Dilkens also suggests that Matt Marchand is a “risk.” In my opinion the biggest risk we take would be to stay with the status quo.  While the mayor says records numbers have been spent on infrastructure it clearly has been insufficient.  Our infrastructure deficit is also record setting while we continue to spend money on light festivals and unnecessary underpasses. If anyone is using “smoke and mirrors” it is Dilkens himself. The scare tactic rhetoric and insecure verbal barbs are characteristic of the Dilkens era in Windsor. Mr. Dilkens is prepared to tell us what we need.  Mr. Marchand prefers to engage the community to understand its needs. That is the type of mayor our community deserves.

Regardless of who you vote for, please just get out and vote!

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