Priorities are badly skewed.

This mayor and council couldn’t be more short sighted.  I watched as much of the council budget session as time allowed.  I’ve followed the local media reports.  I’ve begun to dig through the documents to better understand the decisions that were made.  Yep, here comes some more naysaying my friends.

Published on – Jan 23/17

Published on – Jan 24/17

So we know we have a social housing crisis yet we decide to deny the request by those who know best the condition of the housing stock.  Is politics at play here?  Is a sneaky conservative mayor trying to make a new liberal prime minister look bad if he can’t come through with the funds?  What motivates such arrogant short-sighted vision?

Yes, (CHC) CEO Kirk Wittal is saying all the politically correct things.  What else is he supposed to say?  Should he bite the hand that feeds him?

Examine the budget for yourselves.  Listen carefully to the priority list.  We have one councillor suggesting we use drones rather than pay an extra $40,000.00 to the trained individuals we count on to protect and save our lives when called upon to do so.  Because the dollars may go to salaries we should withhold the funds?  Ongoing training of additional skills doesn’t make sense?  Administration salaries are relatively generous.  The mayor does okay.  Can you say hypocrite?

Don’t get me wrong some of the budget makes sense.  However, when I see the money we pour into sports tourism, tennis courts in select wards, facilities that are bleeding taxpayer dollars while simultaneously watching infrastructure and social housing deteriorate I get upset.  For the past decade we’ve watched current councils commit money for future councils.  Some of that is acceptable.  The abuse of it is not, in my opinion.  We keep trying to gain access to the world stage while ignoring our own needs.  I can’t say it often enough.  We need to strive to be the best community of our size first.  When we obtain that goal then onto bigger and brighter places, maybe.  Let’s start at the beginning.

Don’t take my word for any of this.  Form your opinion.  Read the documents.

City of Windsor Budget documents

Pay attention to the Enhanced Capital Budget  See if you think the funds are being distributed equitably.  Can you imagine with the experienced trained minds at the table the simple matter of equity can be debatable?

I do not claim to have all the answers.  I do not disagree with every decision that is being made.  I do however strongly disagree with the current approach and direction that our leadership is displaying.  The spin and rhetoric have never been at higher levels.

They call us naysayers.  I call them arrogant and disconnected from the very people they’re supposed to represent.  We the naysayers, conspiracy theorists and boo-birds need to be heard at the next election.  There is but one way to do that and that way is to VOTE!!

If you agree with any of what I say please vote.  If you disagree with everything I say please vote.  If you agree with some of it and not the rest of it, please vote.  Let’s make sure the next group of leaders we choose have a mandate from the majority of us.

We need a more equitable election system than the current “first past the post” system but that isn’t going to happen before the next election.

Vote in 2018!



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Born in Windsor-Essex in 1961. I have lived most of my life in Windsor ON except for brief stays in Lasalle, Paquette Corners and Harrow. Currently residing in Walkerville with my wife Susan Christian.

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