The Arrogant Professor


In a recent Windsor Star guest column Professor Lloyd Brown-John suggested a boycott of specific Windsor Business Improvement Associations. His reason for the punitive action being that the BIAs in question had spent some of the funds collected from BIA members to support the CAMMP sponsored LPAT appeal regarding the proposed location for the new regional hospital.

I’m wondering if Brown-John is familiar with Newton’s third law – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Given that Mr. Brown-John believes a boycott is the proper response to an opposing point of view, can we assume he’d have no trouble with the supporters of the LPAT appeal beginning a boycott of the Tepperman and Farron businesses along with all others supporting the proposed hospital location?

Everyone on stage during the recent Dilkens press conference is now open to such boycotts? With our mayor claiming to represent the so called “silent majority,” a significant number of businesses could well be targeted by such boycotts. Is this why they have remained silent? I’ve not heard CAMMP supporters suggesting such drastic measures to silence opposition to the appeal.

Furthermore, using the Brown-John logic should we then consider boycotting the businesses in municipalities such as Tecumseh and others who have vocalized support formally and informally for the proposed hospital location?

While Brown-John is solely responsible for his words and suggestions, part of the blame for this mentality rests with our mayor. It is Drew Dilkens who attempted to publicly bully the BIAs for their choice to support the LPAT appeal.

Several Windsor businesses now face potential losses due to this irresponsible public suggestion of a boycott by this high profile citizen. Sadly the guest column was incited by the reprehensible bullying actions of our mayor. This is no way to move a city forward.



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Born in Windsor-Essex in 1961. I have lived most of my life in Windsor ON except for brief stays in Lasalle, Paquette Corners and Harrow. Currently residing in Walkerville with my wife Susan Christian.

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