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Naysayer [ney-sey-er]

“one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something”

“a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views”

Municipal politics in Windsor ON Canada unfortunately involves name calling, bully tactics and generally divisive leadership not all that uncommon in politics in general.  That being said, the last decade or so has seen this behaviour increase exponentially to the obvious detriment of the greater good of this community.

This website is named using but one of many derogatory terms frequently used by our current and former mayor, a number of city councillors along with the support of some members of city administration.  These officials and their supporters use such terms to describe a growing number of the citizens of Windsor ON who might dare to challenge the status quo, seek greater accountability and demand genuine transparency.

Recently we’ve witnessed a number of worthwhile ventures with proven value being refused even nominal assistance from city council while we simultaneously see millions of taxpayers dollars invested in sports tourism with questionable return on investment.  When local media outlets attempt to gain information from the city administration regarding the FINA events, tedious and unnecessary FOI requests were demanded.  After handing FINA millions of dollars and hosting their lavish event they too have been reported to have audaciously attempted to block access to information requests.

It is when we challenge such behaviour as that described above that the name calling usually begins.  Former mayor Eddie Francis did it frequently and in earnest as does his protege, our current mayor Drew Dilkens.  As already stated they have done so along with some councillors and administrators support.  The traditional local media has been generally complacent about challenging the behaviour with some encouraging exceptions.

Something that strikes me most about the current situation is that the frustration and unhappiness seems to have crossed party lines.  Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and other political party supporters alike are united by a collective dissatisfaction with more than a decade of ineptitude and incompetence.

This site is meant as a place to voice my opinion, to hear the opinions of others and to discuss these issues and more.  Another municipal election is not that far away.  In my opinion the status quo is absolutely unacceptable.

Welcome to Naysayer.ca  Thanks for visiting the site.  Looking forward to seeing you again.



About Tim Stewart
Born in Windsor-Essex in 1961. I have lived most of my life in Windsor ON except for brief stays in Lasalle, Paquette Corners and Harrow. Currently residing in Walkerville with my wife Susan Christian.

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  1. Peggy Michalczuk | January 25, 2017 at 5:48 pm | Reply

    Tim you have “hit the nail on the head”. Thanks.

    • Thanks Peggy. I hope to get at least two posts per month for now. More to follow as time allows. Feel free to subscribe and please share with anyone you believe is interested in making change in Windsor municipal politics. Thanks again.

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