Windsor Animal Control Issue – URGENT

Please read the above and following information.  City council is about to make a decision which will have a significant impact on animal control in general and specifically feral cat colonies.  Are feral cats in your neighbourhood now?  It could get much worse and very quickly if council bungles this decision.

Removing the animal control services contract from the Humane Society and using the Lakeshore solution is a really bad idea.  No disrespect meant to the good people providing the services in Lakeshore.  This simply isn’t the right solution to any budgetary concerns we have here in Windsor.

The following is a statement from the Humane Society.

Write our mayor and councillors.  Let them know where you stand.

Bill Marra <>; Chris Holt <>; Drew Dilkens <>; Ed Sleiman <>; Fred Francis <>; Hilary Payne <>; Irek Kuzmierczk <>; Jo-Anne Gignac <>; John Elliott <>; Paul Borrelli <>; Rino Bortolin <>



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  1. Carolynn Hudson | February 1, 2017 at 11:17 pm | Reply

    Please do what is best for the animals and the residents of Windsor and renew the Animal Control Contrct with Windsor Essex County Humane Society. Lakeshore is too small and too far away to make it accessible to residents of Windsor. Dogs will be left to roam the streets and cat populations will explode just when it has been gotten under control. Moving animal control to Lakeshore would be counter productive.

    • Thanks for your comments Carolynn. Please feel free to share this blog with your friend. Our mayor and city council need to be more accountable to the community during the term of the election not just at election time.

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